We produce highly effective, natural animal performance supplements, with dealers throughout the United States and Canada. When you’re an animal lover, you want to make sure the animals in your care maintain optimal health. Our high-performance products support the health of horses, household pets, and livestock. Discover the many benefits that our unique supplements will have for your animals’ energy, immune system, joints, performance, and more.

We are proud to create supplements that restore and support animals’ well-being. Our first formulas were designed to save a family dog named Kuro. Today, our products safeguard animals’ longevity and quality of life, and that’s what we’ve been doing since day one.

Health-Supporting Animal Supplements

Animal Element produces one-of-a-kind animal supplements to promote the robust health of our customers’ animals nationwide. Give your pets, horses, and livestock the gift of a boosted immune system, enhanced energy and performance, improved skin and coat, and much more. Our pet and horse health supplements are available through our website and authorized dealers throughout the country. From increased joint strength to respiratory health, our products are proven effective. We start by sourcing the highest quality ingredients to create the superior products you can trust.

Contact us with any questions or to place your order. Based in Walla Walla, Washington, we serve customers nationally and internationally.

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